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Memories events is an award-winning agency of 14 awards in 14 months that includes 4 Guinness World Record Awards, 4 WOW Awards, 2 Strategic Partnership Award from Government of Ras Al Khaimah, UAE Innovates, Best Opening Event of the year from Ministry of Tourism of Georgia. We are based in Dubai, U.A.E. and spreading across the world...


What We Do.

We are a creative, record breaking agency that offers oustide the box solutions ranging from Events Management and organizing, Futuristic, Robotics & High Tech Events, International Edutainment Performances, Branding & Production, Catering Services, Venue Sourcing & Management, Advertising & Marketing, Media Solutions


The special event begins with the all-important idea, the most memorable occasions require the most detailed planning, and the very best parties leave everyone thinking; just how did the organizers do that? No matter how complex, how small or how large you think your event may be, and with any budget, Memories Events has the experience, in-depth industry knowledge, and professional relationships to ensure everything runs smoothly, from start to finish.


When it comes to finding the right idea to dazzle your audience and designing a truly memorable experience, Memories Events are here to enhance the theme of your event. Memories Events have endless and distinctive ideas and contacts for all purposes to deliver top-notch entertainment, giving your audience an opportunity to remember your event for a long time.


We have in hour creative for the event theme, branding ideas and 3D Designs to give the full experience for our clients. Our production is implemented with the highest quality of materials and fabrics with perfect finishing to suit out an image in the market. We brag about our production team and suppliers that deliver in the shortest time with the international standards.


We have our own database that includes a wide variety of locations that best suit our client's event in terms of location, and a number of guests with the greatest exposure for our clients brand. Because we maintain a good relationship with the suppliers, we always manage to get special prices for our clients.


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We have a strong team of professional events gurus, creative department and designers that turn big ideas into visuals and production team that implement our clients wishes on ground.


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Our team's main mission is to create memorable moments by supplying creative and reliable proposals, designing & managing events, conferences & production agencies throughout the GCC & the Middle East.

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