The Saudi Tourism Authority launched a campaign to attract 5 million Chinese tourists by 2030 with the Lai Ba Village event in Shanghai, executed by Memories Events Management. The event highlighted Saudi heritage through landmark structural depictions, cultural experiences, entertainment (including a Saudi/Chinese choir), immersive zones, and an Arabian feast. The campaign successfully boosted tourism interest and established Memories Events Management's expertise in handling large-scale international events.


Saudi Tourism Authority launched their first promotional campaign targeting China, one of the largest sources of tourists. The goals were to promote tourism in Saudi, foster cultural exchange, and attract 5 million Chinese tourists by 2030. Faced with this ambitious challenge, they needed a team capable of executing their vision seamlessly – this is where Memories Events Management came in.

We created the village of Lai Ba in Shanghai, welcoming over 80,000 attendees in seven days. The event featured a 4-chapter cultural journey showcasing Saudi heritage, including a VIP opening ceremony with a Saudi/Chinese choir, immersive cultural zones, an Arabian feast, and highlights of Saudi Arabia’s diverse regions.

Creating the Village of Lai Ba

Our team of over 350 production crew members, 16 event managers, and 6 designers handled the entire event, from conceptualization and production to management and logistics. Together, we collaborated with Saudi Tourism Authority to create the immersive village of Lai Ba, inviting attendees on a cultural journey through the diverse tapestry of Saudi Arabia, set against the Bund River in Shanghai.

The Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony took place in front of the Bund River, with Shanghai’s iconic towers illuminated in the background. The event featured a Saudi/Chinese choir customized by Salim Assaf, performing a harmonious blend of the Saudi and Chinese national anthems. Assaf’s specially curated songs also set the tone for the 4-chapter journey of Lai Ba.

The Cultural Zones

The Valley Experience

Visitors embarked on an authentic cultural journey, experiencing Saudi Arabia through all five senses. The entrance, resembling AlUla valleys, led to a souk with traditional Saudi coffee, dates, scents, garments, try-on booths, and an immersive photo-op of Saudi textile craftsmanship. The event reached over 500 million Chinese on social media.

Arabian Feast

This chapter featured a serene water projection runway surrounded by palm trees and Majlis seating areas, capturing the essence of an Arabian oasis. Nine food kiosks offered a variety of signature dishes and accepted over 17,794 orders.

Saudi Arabia Highlights

The final chapter invited attendees to explore Saudi Arabia’s diverse geography, from the Red Sea and Diriyah to Neom, Al Ula, and South Aseer, each section offering unique experiences showcasing the beauty of each region.

Challenges and Solutions

Hosting an event of this scale in a new location presented challenges. With over 80,000 attendees, language was a significant barrier in China. Our primary concern, however, was to maintain safety and security. To ensure this, we deployed over 50 police officers and 40 security personnel and strategically placed over 650 barriers.

Another challenge which our team adeptly overcame was the tight timeline to construct the entire village of Lai Ba. With only 7 days to create an extensive immersive experience, and facing adverse weather conditions, our team worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure every detail was perfected.

Furthermore, managing the logistics of travel for all team members and Saudi talents was not an easy task. However, through meticulous planning and communication, we successfully obtained all necessary documents, enabling us to reach China on time.

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the Results

With every aspect of the event being seamlessly executed, we were left with a very delighted client. The event captured the interest of over 500 million Chinese citizens, resulting in a 277% increase in flight bookings to the Kingdom. Following the event, over 100,000 Chinese visited Saudi Arabia, and the event garnered over 100 news coverage articles.

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